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Stop Being Humble and Start Thinking Highly Of Yourself Show Notes: Definition of humble: Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importanceCan you accomplish greatness with that mindset? Definition of self-esteem Confidence in one's own worth or abilities;...

Sitting Through The Boring Parts To Grow Your Business

Camera & Lighting Equipment I Use For My Brand

How To Not Get Overwhelmed When Building A Personal Brand

I didn’t grow my personal brand until I did this

A Day In The Life Of A Content Marketer | Filming My YouTube Videos What does your day to day look like when you’re working to build your brand? What do you do? This video shows you my day to day with content creation. Of course that’s just one day out of many. But I boiled this video down to ‘a day in the...

Accomplishing goals by using a ruthless alter-ego I want to share this with you. It’s about how you can use an alter-ego to accomplish goals… My alter ego is Billionaire Bruce and he has a ruthless commitment to making things happen.  Most people don’t accomplish goals because they...

Recording an online course in a high rise youtube studio If you’re creating an online course then I want to show you a little behind the scenes of how I’m doing it. I was recording a new program for the Bruce Academy to show people how to create their own YouTube studio. And one of the videos in...

How I Create Tons Of Content For My Personal Brand Several people have commented about how much content I put out. Asking me if I have a big team, etc. I don’t. This video shows you how I produce a ton of content for the personal brand. If you’re selling your expertise then...

Thinking About The Future Of Your Business

Bill Gates - 1 week cabin to read & think about the future of things It’s not a ‘social media break’ or vacation What’s the future of my business?And how do I hit a million per month in my business Working on vs working in your business Working on = creating...

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