My problem…

  • Wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be
  • Wasn’t as focused
  • Wasn’t as obsessed
  • “I don’t feel like it”

Most of what’s holding you back is invisible to you

  • Not external (tactics/techniques)
  • It’s internal

Self Image Definition:

  • The idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality

Who you think you are dictates what you think you can do

  • What you believe to be true, becomes true…for YOU
    • “I suck at cold calling” = you suck
    • “I’m a cold calling machine” = become great at it
  • Belief dictates action

Started as entertainer…so I practiced magic

  • Self image changed to “entrepreneur” & I learned business
    • No longer identified as entertainer
      • ‘Entertainment’ was my product, not who I am

Then I became a speaker

I set out to create a new self image

  • In-demand speaker, cold emailing
    • “How would an in-demand speaker respond?”

Started building online brand

I wasn’t getting results I wanted in my business

  • Didn’t blame ‘tactics’ or ‘programs’
    • I’m to blame
    • I wasn’t as obsessed as I needed to be…

I studied mindset/motivation but…

  • Only one-side of the coin
  • Only positive thinking, etc
    • No amount of positivity makes
  • “Why can’t I get myself to operate at the level I know I’m capable of?”

I study billionaires and realized they’re…

  • Focused
  • Obsessed
  • Urgency
  • Smart
  • Practical AND Delusional
  • Very secretive – take information, don’t give it

Asked myself, “How would a billionaire act?”

Billionaire Bruce was born

I would wake up as Billionaire Bruce

  • Move with urgency
  • Stay focused
  • Obsessed
  • VERY practical
  • Delusional – Think Big

Forced me to act differently

  • Didn’t care about what people think
    • I’m on a mission
  • Very impatient
    • I’m on a mission
  • Etc

Who do I need to become to get what I want?

  • Study people at the top
    • Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant = Killer Mentality

Imagine you’re playing a character in a movie

  • What would that character do?
    • Are you introverted & want to be extroverted? What would the character do?
      • Imagine you’re in a scene as an extrovert
      • KEEP it going after they yell ‘cut’

Who do you think you are?  

  • Dictates self talk & what you can do

This isn’t affirmations

  • I’m not saying things to myself
  • I’m ACTING out this character (self image) 24/7

Your current self image = collection of other’s opinions

  • An introvert acts extroverted people say “that’s not like you”
    • You revert back to their opinion of you
  • Break this by imaging you’re playing a character 24/7

Billionaire Bruce is the self image that gets things done

What’s your new self image?