Yesterday I started to create the webinar outlines for Industry Icon and something happened

I realized that with webinars, people will just sit and watch…usually they won’t even show up and just watch the replay.

But for Industry Icon, I want you to build and sell your program this month. So I made a huge change in how Industry Icon will happen.

The video shows you my daily workflow for yesterday. So if you want to see the things I do to hit a 7 figure business selling advice then watch that video (there’s more to come…that’s just episode 1)

We start Industry Icon on Saturday so make sure you register before then because the price will double.

I met this guy a long time ago named Carl. He runs a multi-million dollar business and he only works a couple days out of the week.

And he mentioned that when he’s at an event, or watching a video, etc. and he comes across an idea, do you know what he does?

He literally gets up and leaves. Yup. In the middle of an event, he literally walks out. Why?

Because he wants to implement the idea right there and then. So while other people are sitting there taking notes, he grew his business.

Understand this, it’s not about ‘getting information’ it’s about understanding what things you need to get done.

Once you understand what needs to get done, then it comes down to speed of implementation.

You might know you need to do xyz, but how fast will you do xyz?

That was the problem I realized yesterday when creating the slides for the Industry Icon webinars.

There will be tons of ideas, but the very nature of an hour or two hour webinar will stop people from executing.

So watch the video to see what we will do instead and make sure you register for Industry Icon…