Building an online presence, you need to create content

Problem: Takes a lot of time

Create the video/podcast
Edit it
Headline, description, etc
Thumbnail pic
Post to social media (write text)
Email to list (write email and send)
Post to blog (write blog post)


Ask…will I create content for the rest of my life?

Coming up with IDEAS

EVERYTHING is an idea
Other people’s YouTube videos
Book highlights
Sit down for 1 hour
CAPTURE the ideas

Different types

Live (FB, YouTube, etc)
Benefit: No editing; People feel they can touch you, Interactive
Cons: Reality is boring, Need to promote, Demotivating when nobody shows
One-take (little editing)
Benefit: Quick
Cons: harder to keep attention
Pro (film & edit)
Benefit: Looks professional, people see you take it seriously
Cons: Takes more time, diminishing returns (spend time but doesn’t mean the video is better)
Social Media
Feeds (FB, IG, Twitter, Snapchat, etc)
IG feed – photos & video
IG story – quick shots


Think about what business phase you’re in
ex: Need people to find you = IG b/c of hashtags, YouTube
ex: People already know you = FB, Twitter, Snapchat
ex: IGTV, nobody using it right now


My workflow for Live:
Make bullet points in Notes app
Take pic & create thumbnail
Shoot live
Put thumbnail on video
Upload to YouTube
Post to blogs
Write email
My workflow for One-Take
Shoot video
Edit real quick (or upload to Google Drive for editor)
Upload to YouTube
Take pic & create thumbnail
Post to blogs
My workflow for Pro videos
Shoot video in one take
Playback video & write down b-roll I need
Shoot b-roll
Upload to Google Drive & send to editor
or edit it myself
Post to blogs

Here’s how I’m efficient

Initially I created all styles for SL but then…
SL = FB live
BB = All styles of videos
Take clips from Live/Videos and post to IG
Content Syndication
(ex: IG saves to camera roll & I upload to Snapchat)
(ex: IG connected to FB)
Frees up time to focus on Bruce Brand

Efficient with your time

WHAT do you need to create?
ex: 7 photos this week, 3 videos, etc
WHY are you creating content?
“If your number of social media followers is bigger than your bank account then you’re building your business wrong” -Benji Bruce
I’m not a content creator. I’m a business that happens to create content

Schedule everything

Adjust schedule if things take longer/shorter