The problem – “I feel like it’s not working”

  • Story: Couldn’t get cold calling/emailing to work at first
  • lots of people get demotivated


Things ‘not working’ is part of the game

  • If it were that easy, everyone would do it


You get demotivated because…

  • Feel like you’re not getting anywhere
    • Cold emailing (excited at first & then…)
  • Your body feels demotivated
    • Fix it by working out


Focusing on what’s going wrong

  • “It’s not working” – nothing seems to work
  • “Only 1 person bought” etc
  • Story: Me & Webinars – don’t work
  • Focus on the ‘wins’
    • Monster’s Inc
      • Commercial scene “OMG…I was in a commercial”


Become numb to ‘things not working’

  • Getting restaurants didn’t work
  • Selling tickets to my own show didn’t work
    • I combined the two shows into one
  • Cold calling didn’t work
    • I stopped altogether
  • Cold emailing didn’t work….at first
  • Google ads didn’t work
  • Webinars didn’t work
  • Product launches didn’t work
  • I became numb to failure


Your focus is too small (day to day, instead of lifetime/vision)


Comparing yourself to others

  • You don’t see how long it took them
  • You don’t see how THEY got demotivated
    • Read biographies…see the reality


Don’t realize how long it takes

  • You’re doing the right things but not doing enough of it
  • Story: 10 emails/day vs 100 emails
  • Story: Advertising…not spending enough


Everything contributes to your demotivation


Be aware of the problems, but focus on solutions


Keep revisiting your vision – what are you trying to accomplish

  • Imagine what’s possible while expecting to go through hell
    • Plan like the Military (think of all options)
    • Anticipate the bumps to success


Hang around people who step up your game

  • The conversations are different (not about the weather)


Revisit your urgency

  • Why do you need to do it NOW?
  • Ex: Facebook is cheap right now, etc


Start working out

  • You need more oxygen to your brain



  • If you feel like you’re getting nowhere you get demotivated
  • Productivity instead of activity