Problem: You have knowledge/expertise and you want to market yourself…sell it…but how?
How do you sell YOU for a lot of money?

I had a great presentation but couldn’t sell it to seminars. I had to get into corporate
Seminars: Events were boring, speakers were boring, etc. I created a pitch and it didn’t work.
Corporate: “I think you need entertainment because…” …”Sure”…”Wait…I didn’t finish my pitch”

Most people have a great product but they’re not selling because they’re selling to the wrong people.

If you have a fitness product, who do you sell it to?
-people who need to lose weight who eat fast food all the time?
-people who are already healthy and go to the gym all the time?
Sell it to the gym people. They already go do the gym and buy the products

‘need’ their product vs ‘already’ buy the product

If you have a self-help product, do you sell it to people with struggling businesses, and struggling life who need money? Or do you sell it to the successful people with money?
Sell it to successful people because they buy that stuff. That’s why they’re successful.
You’ll see more self-help books in the library of millionaires than anyone else…even though they don’t ‘need’ it

Build a personal brand to people who already buy what you’re selling to