Bill Gates – 1 week cabin to read & think about the future of things

It’s not a ‘social media break’ or vacation

  • What’s the future of my business?
  • And how do I hit a million per month in my business

Working on vs working in your business

  • Working on = creating systems (documents, automation sequences, etc)
  • Working in = doing the actual work (creating content, outreach, etc)

Lessons I learned…

Look at unintended consequences

  • Definition = results/outcomes that weren’t intended to happen
  • X creates a specific behavior…what’s the consequence of that behavior?
  • Ex: MeToo movement – avoid women
    • Neil Degrasse Tyson & Harvey Weinstein are different
    • No mentoring, private meetings, etc
    • Less hiring of good looking women
      • It’s inevitable men will hit on them
  • Ex: Screenshotting emails/messages
    • Shift to more privacy (Mark Zuckerberg)
    • WhatsApp instead of public posting like Facebook
  • Ex: Sensitivity
    • Hiding your personal thoughts
      • Fear of people getting offended
  • Ex: 5G networks
    • Speed is the new currency, what’s the unintended consequence?
    • Instant gratification over delayed gratification
      • More frustration for people who aren’t used to delayed gratification

Plan for the unplanned

  • Allergies the second day b/ I was ready

Think beyond your initial thoughts

  • Your first thoughts are ‘basic’…keep thinking to get real insights
  • Use the internet to see what ideas others have
    • Then go beyond their ideas

Think about the future of YOUR business, not business in general

Look to other industries & how they will affect yours

  • Robocalls
    • My phone is on silent so cold calling me will be hard/impossible
      • Get good at leaving voicemails
    • Laws will be put in place
      • Only the U.S. gets robocalls b/c no laws are in place
      • What are they doing in Europe?
        • Consumer focused instead of Company focused
        • GDPR?
  • Voice Assistants, VR, AR – still too early b/ you can think about it
  • Instacart & UberEats
    • Frees up people’s time = what will they fill it with?
    • Only rich people could pay people to get their groceries, not anymore
      • So how do extremely wealthy people act?
        • Very direct – don’t waste my time
  • TONS of content
    • Desensitized to content so what will capture/keep attention?
      • Getting MORE personal & entertaining
      • People love secrets – juicy gossip

Think about what stays the same, not just what’s going to change

  • Impossible to predict the future
  • Jeff Bezos & Warren Buffett’s strategy
  • What’s staying the same in the marketing industry?
    • Presentation skills & copywriting
      • Must learn to present to get noticed
      • Must learn to write persuasively to get buyers
  • Customer experience first – this will never change
    • Bad experience – mobile pop-ups to sign up to list
    • Speed
    • Actually helping people

Keep Secrets

“The best entrepreneurs know this: every great business is built around a secret that’s hidden from the outside. A great company is a conspiracy to change the world; when you share your secret, the recipient becomes a fellow conspirator.”

  • I won’t share my insights, I’ll just execute on them
  • Magicians don’t share b/c it ruins the effect

Stay Focused

  • Your mind WANTS to distract itself
    • Checking your phone
    • Moving objects around you desk, etc
  • Pomodoro timer